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The place where you can get subconscious mind programming audio sessions in Marathi, Hindi & Indian English.

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We have following Subconscious mind programming audio sessions in Marathi, Hindi & Indian English
@ cost INR/Rs. 3999/- Only per MP3 audio session.

Interpersonal Skills

Accepting Compliments Approaching Women Attention Seeking Avoid a Bad First Impression
Be a Better Friend Be Approachable Be Less Abrasive Be Less Critical
Be More Attractive to Men Be More Attractive to Women Be More Charismatic Be More Romantic
Become Popular Build Instant Rapport Coming on Too Strong Dealing with the In-Laws
Donít Be Taken for Granted Don't Hold Grudges Don't Take It Personally Eye Contact
Fear of Authority Fear of Confrontation Feel Connected How to Say Sorry
I'm OK, You're OK Increase Your Social Circle Keeping In Touch Negative People Shield
Othersí Shoes Put Yourself First Setting Boundaries Smile More
Speed Dating Men Speed Dating Women Stay Calm with THAT Person Stop Being Self Centered

Stop Fidgeting

Stop Judging by Appearances Stop Passive Aggressive Behavior

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