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The place where you can get subconscious mind programming audio sessions in Marathi, Hindi & Indian English.

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We have following Subconscious mind programming audio sessions in Marathi, Hindi & Indian English
@ cost INR/Rs. 3999/- Only per MP3 audio session.

Health Issues

Asthma Treatment Hypnosis Bathroom Anxiety Bladder Control Boost Your Immune System

Caring for the Terminally Ill

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Chronic Hives Treatment Clean Your Teeth
Contact Lenses Coping with Chronic Illness Diabetic Diet Drink Less Alcohol
Ease Eczema Ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms Ease Raynauds Disease Endometriosis Natural Treatment
Essential Tremor Excessive Sweating Fast Natural Healing Fight a Cold
General Health & Wellbeing Get Rid of Migraines Hangover Cure Hay fever Relief
Healing Power Hypnosis Healthier Choices Healthy Clear Skin High Blood Pressure
Hot Flashes Hyperacusis Treatment Improve Posture Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Jetlag Reliever Manage Blood Pressure Manage Excessive Sweating Migraine Relief
Mind Body Healing MRI Scan Anxiety Muscle Spasm Treatment Natural Herpes Treatment
Natural Indigestion Remedy Overcome Depression Overcoming Hypochondria (fear / phobia of illness) Pain Management
Placebo Effect PMS Poor Circulation Positive Menopause
Prepare for Surgery Psoriasis Treatment Relieving Constipation Remember Your Medication
Restless Legs Syndrome Self Injection Shy Bladder - Paruresis Stop Bedwetting
Stop Blushing Stop Cracking Knuckles Stop Facial Tics Stop Nail Biting
Stop Popping Zits Take Care of You Teeth Grinding Tension Headaches
Tinnitus Treatment Travel Sickness Wart Treatment  

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